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"My Last Love"



After an unforeseen hiatus, Bob has had a wake up call, having learned from the darkness that pulls at one's soul. 'My Last Love' implies finality but is truly about a journey each of us takes, that never really ends.


Bill Dillon

supplied some magic as he has done for Joni Mitchell, Peter Gabriel, Robbie Robertson, Counting Crows, Sarah McLachlan and more. Other collaborators featured on the song included Bryan Wright, Jay Leonard, Scott Galloway, Bruce Morritt and Anna Donahoo.

Bob again called on producer/engineer

Warne Livesey

(Sinead O'Connor, Midnight Oil, Matthew Good, etc.) to mix and the legendary

Ted Jensen

to master (Paul McCartney, U2, Coldplay, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, etc.).

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