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"Silophonic" is a new work from Bob Guido that explores the sounds and sights of Silo #5 -


instrument, sonic inhabitation in Montréal, Canada. The video combines new

music from Bob Guido, created by using the natural reverberation and acoustics of the

Silophone process and photography by

Diana Shearwood

Bob created this new music using electric guitar as the source instrument combined

with the Silophone as a sound treatment instrument. Silophone makes use of the

incredible acoustics of Silo #5 by introducing sounds using communication technologies,

into a physical space to create an instrument which blurs the boundaries between

music, architecture and net art. Sounds arrive inside Silo #5 by telephone or internet.

They are then broadcast into the vast concrete grain storage chambers inside the silo.

They are transformed, reverberated, and coloured by the remarkable acoustics of the

structure, yeilding a stunningly beautiful echo. This sound is captured by microphones

and rebroadcast back to its sender.

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